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Gain Worldwide Exposure!

You need to build an AWARENESS of your music through Radio Airplay, Reviews, Interviews and Features.

EVERY artist needs to do this ... from the singer-songwriter performing at the local tavern to the most famous rock band in the world. You CANNOT survive as an artist without proper exposure.

The Ultimate Indie Bundle will help you build your brand with contact information for more than 7000 radio stations, music blogs and magazines who want to hear your story and showcase your music to the world..

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Playing live is a crucial part of the overall branding of you and your music. Many artists generate more income selling merch than from CD sales!

The Ultimate Indie Bundle also includes The Indie Venue Bible, a directory of 28,000 venues, festivals and colleges in North America that welcome independent talent.

Every listing is identified with brightly colored genre tags that clearly identify which genres that venue welcomes. Booking gigs has never been so easy!

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Get Distribution

Get Worldwide Distribution!

Music lovers are impulsive. If they hear something they like, they want to buy it right away.

That's why you want to have your music in as many online stores as possible!

The Ultimate Indie Bundle comes with full contact information for over 1,800 labels, distributors, and online music vendors from all around the globe that want to supply the world with your music.


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Don't make the SAME mistakes THOUSANDS of other artists have made before you!

The Bundle includes valuable insider information that will save you TONS of time and money.

The Ultimate Indie Bundle comes with 190 ARTICLES, written by industry experts, covering marketing, contracts, touring, the power of social media, getting airplay & reviews and much more!

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What Experts are Saying ...

Barry Cleveland
Barry Cleveland,
Guitar Player Magazine

"Two thousand pages of PURE GOLD!" - Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers
Founder, CD Baby

"It's SOOOOOO good! I'm AMAZED! A must for anyone wanting to promote their music - everywhere! The Indie Bible Kicks Ass!" - Derek Sivers, founder CD Baby

Madalyn Sklar
Madalyn Sklar

"The Indie Bible is a 'MUST HAVE' for any Indie Artist!" - Madalyn Sklar, founder

On the Go

Works on All Computers and Smartphones

Whether you're at practice, on the street or at home you will always have access - the Ultimate Indie Bundle Works on ALL Computers and Smartphones.

The Bundle includes a set of easy-to-use e-books as well as a powerful ONLINE directory.

The e-books come complete with HYPERLINKS that make sending e-mails and visiting websites as easy as a single click.

The ONLINE directory allows you to sort, search, filter and export information so you can always find what you are looking for with ease.


Our Monthly Newsletter

EVERY MONTH for the last 15 years, the Indie Contact Newsletter has provided artists and songwriters with valuable articles on how to succeed in the music business.

Each newsletter also features a large list of music services that are looking for submissions (radio shows, labels, magazines etc.).

You can also win the legendary Shure SM58 Microphone in our monthly draw.

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The Ultimate Indie Bundle


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The Indie Bible
  • 2500 magazines and music blogs
  • 3100 radio stations
  • 1100 labels and distributors
  • 1000 promotion, marketing, management, and PR services
  • 400 sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
The Indie Bible ONLINE
  • 1 year subscription. Categorized by 43 genres
  • Search. Sort. Export. New listings added daily!
The Indie Venue Bible
  • 28,000 venues, festivals and colleges in the U.S. and Canada
The Indie Bible Articles
  • 190 articles that will help your music career to SUCCEED!

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Started over 18 years ago, The Indie Bible has sold over 100,000 copies, helping thousands of independent artists to succeed. Having spent THOUSANDS of hours gathering this information we are confident that no matter what genre you fit into we can provide the information that will help you to reach your dreams.

The Indie Bible was created for independent artists by independent artists.