April 2017

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    2. Radio Stations, Shows and Podcasts that will PLAY your songs
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    4. Websites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
    5. Helpful Resources for recording artists

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Blues Music Magazine
PO Box 1446, Bradenton, FL 34206
PH: 866-702-7778
Our mission is to to serve, promote, and educate fans about the Blues community, Blues musicians, and Blues music. If you are a fan of soulful music, music that comes from the heart, then Blues Music Magazine is for you. Blues Music Magazine is available in both print and digital editions. Blues Music Magazine features the best in music, The Blues; and offers so much more than any other music magazine. Every issue features the writing and photography of 18 Keeping the Blues Alive award winners for Journalism and Photography presented by The Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN. The Around The World column is written by the legendary Bob Margolin who has been nominated for 9 Blues Music Award. Bob has been awarded two Blues Music Awards for Instrumentalist-Guitar, and Acoustic Album Of The Year, plus a Keeping The Blues Alive Award for Journalism. These writers, photographers, and editors are what make Blues Music Magazine so incredibly special. To submit your CD for review please send TWO COPIES to our mailing address. facebook.com/BluesMusicMagazine. facebook.com/BluesMusicMagazine @BluesMusicMag

Unsigned Heat
A Hip Hop site dedicated to the hottest emerging artists in the game. @UnsignedHeat_

BRASH! Magazine!
E. Alexcina Brown brashmag@outlook.com
A bi-monthly digital entertainment publication designed to highlight Independent Artists, Labels, and business professionals within the underground music scene. The goal of BRASH! is to provide music marketing/promotion content for its readers as well as provide a platform for Indie Artists/Labels to gain press/media exposure for their brand. This publication also contains features from start-up/indie fashion brands and professionals along with engaging entertainment news. facebook.com/BRASHMagazine @BRASH_Magazine

Raw Femme
Amanda "Rawky" Lozano rawky@rawfemme.com
A blog for women who breathe art and its many forms. In today's society, art and especially female artists have been pushed to the back burner, discouraging many to express themselves as individuals. Raw Femme's vision is to put a halt to that, and turn it around. Raw Femme began as online publication that put a spotlight on the talent of emerging female artists, but has quickly transformed into a society that unites ambitious and innovative women from around the world, and we're spreading like wildfire. We are a multi-faceted, artistically inclined platform fueled by creative and artistic women that host's local female-centric events, produces online editorial content, and collaborates with other like-minded organizations. Are you feeling inspired yet? All women with a love for the arts are welcome to join this community of outside-the-box spirits. Share your gift with the rest of the world! Please feel free to shoot an e-mail if you're interested in being featured in an article or taking part in an upcoming event. facebook.com/rawfemmeblog @RawFemme

jerome promotions

jerome promotions



Mundofonias Radio
C/ Cabo San Vicente, 2, dcha., 9º A, 28924 Alcorcon (Madrid), Spain
Juan Antonio Vázquez & Araceli Tzigane radio@mundofonias.com
Weekly show featuring two hours of World music. facebook.com/mundofonias @mundofonias

Radio Mega Kizomba
A Rua do Xitende Nr. 21 R//C Bairro Central "B" Maputo, Mozambique
PH: +258 842828600
Kelver Inacio kelver.inacio@dk.co.mz
Based in Mozambique, we are a station for fans and music lovers of Kizomba, Zouk & Gheto Zouk. All songs can be sent to our e-mail or by a LINK to download.

A music industry focused internet radio station playing great tracks, showcasing new artists, offering funding and delivering quality content to educate and inspire new artists and those looking for careers in the music industry. Our aim here is to create an internet radio station aimed at the music industry that will provide the opportunity for emerging artists to get exposure to people/companies that can make a difference to their career. We've kept it simple to start so that you can concentrate on getting your tracks uploaded to the NUURADIO servers and get your funding underway via our Pulse Funding Programme. Paid members should also feel free to get involved with our music industry forum and add any vacancies they need filling onto our jobs board. You can also set email alerts if you have a certain career choice in mind. facebook.com/nuuradiowaves @nuuradio

TuneGO Radio
Helps artists and bands get fans, get connected and get discovered. Do you want to work with the world's largest music producers? Do you want to play exclusive Live Events? Do you want a recording contract? Are you looking for more fans? Join Today! Services include internet radio, reviews and distribution. facebook.com/tunegomusic @TuneGoMusic

Nette Radio
PO Box 5525, Culver City, CA 90231-2240
Annette Conlon submit@netteradio.com
From Piano to Punk - it's great music by fab women artists. Every submission must be accompanied by a signed Artist Release form. You can print out the release form from this web page: http://www.netteradio.com/NetteRadioArtistRelease.pdf facebook.com/netteradio @netteradio

Upper Room with Joe Kelley - WVOF
PO Box 3481, Bridgeport, CT 06605
Gi Dussault or Joe Kelley joeradio7@gmail.com
Interviews, in-house concert series and support of indie artists of all genres. E-mail us before sending a CD. facebook.com/upper.kelley @JoeKelleyRadio

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Distinctive Promo
PH: 646-727-9645
An independent marketing and promotion company that caters to the entertainment industry. We have key relationships with College Radio Programmers, Mixshow DJ's and Record Pools who are vital for any promotion campaign. Distinctive Promo can help get your music heard and get the buzz started. We will assist with the momentum of your release to increase club play with key DJ's, Radio Mixshow spins as well as College Radio support. Distinctive offers a full range of promotional services backed with years of experience to ensure that your music gets the right exposure it deserves. We also have several promotion companies and affiliates that we work closely with nationwide. facebook.com/distinctivepromo @DistinctiveProm

Jerome Promotions & Marketing
2535 Winthrope Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
PH: 770-982-7055 FX: 770-982-1882
Bill Jerome hitcd@bellsouth.net
We call the music directors and program directors of over 250 stations several times a week in order to help our artists get airplay and the recognition that they deserve with the goal of helping them make a deal with a major label. @jeromepromotion

Howard Rosen Promotion
521 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #15, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
PH: 805-382-2200 FX: 805-201-7816
Since 1985 We have been helping artists reach their goals of obtaining radio airplay, expanding their fan base, and creating awareness throughout the industry. @Howiewoodpromo

National Record Promotion
137 N. Larchmont #500, Los Angeles, CA 90004
PH: 323-658-7449
Larry Weir larry_weir@sbcglobal.net
We promote artists and groups at radio with an emphasis on independent labels and recording artists. Over the last five years NRP has worked with many major acts. NRP will assist you in weekly tracking reports...national chart activity & radio interviews. facebook.com/National.Record.Promotion

119 Bowling Ave. Nashville, TN 37205-2357
Tony Bates contact@cimgllc.com
Our Radio Promotion work focuses on relevant radio stations (terrestrial and online), especially college radio stations, in the U.S., Canada and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Our staff works daily to build relationships with radio stations, regional promoters, music/entertainment publications and websites, and media outlets throughout North America as well as in eastern and central Europe. We work mostly with Rock, Pop-Rock, Americana and Alt-Country artists. facebook.com/cimgllc

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Glass Onyon PR
PO Box 18254, Asheville, NC 28814
PH: 828-350-8158
A multi-facetted publicity company specializing in the promotions of bands, labels, releases, tours and gigs. Glass Onyon PR differs from most commercial/AOR press agencies due to our expertise in the promotions of alternate genres of music including Hard, Classic and Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Avant-garde, Blues and Country. facebook.com/glassonyonpr @glassonyonpr

Rob "Mr RAW" Wright info@mymusicmylife.com
Hip Hop and R&B artists, producers, musicians and music fans post blogs, music, videos and articles about their passion and love of music on our website. We also offer affordable promotion for upcoming and emerging artists. We secure radio play, magazine features, online promo, video promo, mixtape and more. facebook.com/MyMusicMyLifebz @mymusicmylifebz

PH: 323-549-9016
Inspired by retro and international indie music, TrendCulprit is a digital media creative agency for music with a pioneering approach to innovative affiliations with the world's most creative digital geniuses to provide alternative "globally flavored" creative services to bands and performing artists of Rock, Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, International and Indie music. facebook.com/trendculprit @trendculprit

Capacity Productions
756 S. Broadway PH 11, Los Angeles, CA 90014
PH: 213-278-8103
Rob sales@capacityproductions.net
We promote hard throughout all our websites, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Reverbnation, IMDB pages and online street teams. As a result of our business marketing, our clients receive 1000's of incoming likes, fans, plays, subscribers, followers, views, customers and more! We don't need your password and there are no programs involved or anything like that. It's real simple: We promote you hard resulting in real people checking you out! @CapacityPromos

Empire Music Promotions
Ryan Donnelly yourempiremusicpromotions@gmail.com
A premiere music PR company focused on ensuring that all of our clients receive both prominent and quality, news-worthy press results; every single time. Here at E.M.P we truly believe that every band or musician that we choose to work with is unique, and that each client of ours deserves a custom campaign that reflects that core belief. We understand that what works for one band simply will not work for another, and using both tried and true methods of the past, Ryan focuses his efforts on reaching out to the multitude of publications personally, to guarantee that every one of our musicians receive the very best support possible from us. We can't wait to hear your music and we can't wait to share it! facebook.com/EmpireMusicPromotions @empiremusicpr

Yo! Promotions
Based in Germany, we offer an affordable and effective "Artist Promotion" campaign including all essential services like press release writing, promotion graphic design and results-driven distribution for recording artists on both major and independent level. facebook.com/YoPromotions

Miles High Productions
PO Box 93157, Hollywood, CA 90093
PH: 323-806-0400 FX: 323-462-0829
Created to bridge the gap of companies working directly with music artists and entertainment based projects who are in need of additional marketing support. MHP also focuses on non-music ventures such as corporate brand building, cosmetics, gaming, sports and other industries. MHP's goal is to elevate your product or artist to a higher ground in an expedient timeframe by exposing them to new and existing online audiences. MHP also focuses on taking our campaigns one step further by cross-promoting all traditional methods of marketing with online opportunities for further outreach. @MilesHigh

119 Bowling Ave. Nashville, TN 37205-2357
Tony Bates contact@cimgllc.com
We provide Social Media Marketing and Social Commerce Solutions for our clients, in addition to Artist Management and Record Label Services. We work with artists, record labels, agencies, events, and brands of all kinds that want to effectively engage their supporters and fans via social media. Considering the global marketplace and international appeal, we offer our services in several languages as well, when appropriate to meet your goals. We work mostly with Rock, Pop-Rock, Americana and Alt-Country artists. facebook.com/cimgllc

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Sapien Records
35c Framwellgate Bridge, Durham, DH1 4SJ UK
David Smith david@sapienrecords.com
Record company, publishing, management and video production. Artist campaigns devised and integrated across PR, marketing, touring and release strategies. facebook.com/sapienrecords @Sapienrecords


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Indy Music Sales
PH: 503-568-5670
Ben Williams info@indymusictech.com
A hosted e-commerce offering to place a full function store on indie musician's websites that can sell physical (albums, CDs and merch) and digital (downloads) products at full retail price. Download sales happen with a proprietary download manager that saves files direct to fan desktop or mobile devices. Higher profit margins and no more Zip files! Our product offering is designed to enable indie musicians to sell more music at higher margins - a requisite to "making a living" and succeeding financially. Specifically, the IMS products allow musicians to add another channel: a store on their own web site that enable sales of physical and digital products and the download track sales transact with the same efficiency as purchasing from the big digital resellers - but it doesn't cost the musician 30-40%. Think: "what if your website worked like iTunes?"

link to bookingagentsdirectory.com

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The best place on the internet to find the people you need for your project or band. Are you an individual musician, a producer/engineer, or do you represent a band? MusicianFinder understands the differences. You each have different needs, and now, there's one website that truly understands how to help you or your band find exactly what you're looking for. @MusicianFinder

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DigitalRadioTracker.com (DRT)
PH: 646-494-3783
Your premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ radio stations. These radio stations include Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. Some of the radio broadcasting networks Although there are many genres of music, DigitalRadioTracker.com specializes in monitoring radio broadcasters in the following formats: CHR/Pop (Top 40), Rhythmic, Urban/Hip Hop/R&B, Country/Americana, Rock/Alternative, Gospel/Christian/Inspirational, Adult Contemporary and Jazz/Fusion. DigitalRadioTracker.com gathers millions of songs being played each day and compiles DRT Reports for our clients. A DRT Report breaks down exactly who is playing a song, when it's played and how often it's played. DigitalRadioTracker.com also offers Historical 8 Week Reports which list the history of airplay detections on all of our monitored stations during the last 8 week period. In addition, we provide Comprehensive Reports which shows the exact time of day/night a song is played on each of our monitored radio stations. If you have a song receiving airplay on radio and want to know when and where it's being played, get your DRT Report today!

Festival Network Online
PO Box 18839, Asheville, NC 28814
PH: 828-658-2779 FX: 828-645-3374
Julie Cochrane julie@festivalnet.com
Lists more than 10,000 events throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking performers, from local & regional to national & international. @_festivalnet

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Indie Band Coach
PH: 323-657-3119
Leonard Patterson indiebandcoach@gmail.com
For the DIY musician and band leader: We've spent countless hours sifting through 1000's of music-related tips and trends so you don't have to. We want to help you build your band, find your fans, and market your music. Access our online training courses, cheat sheets and templates designed for you. Work smarter. Gig harder. Indie Band Coach. facebook.com/pg/indiebandcoach instagram.com/indiebandcoach @indiebandcoach

Online Music Coach
Vira Burmenko viraburmenko@gmail.com
Online Music Coach automates your learning of solfege, sight-singing, ear training, improves rhythm and pitch, and provides foundation for violin technique. We help students learn and help teaches teach so that a student leaves a lesson equipped with an interactive online music coach to practice at home on their favourite devices! This will also provide relief and guidance to the parents of busy students, and serve as solution for time management issues for after school activities in music. This training is for young kids ages 5-14 or adults who would like to improve their brain functioning and mobility through music. Plus, our unique affiliate program allows you to fully pay off your course and earn money too! At OMC we believe that our modern education should fit our lifestyle, not the other way around.

CD Baby Podcast
13909 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230
Kevin Breuner podcast@cdbabypodcast.com
Join CD Baby's Kevin and Chris as they discuss current music news, interview artists and industry professionals, offer tips and tricks to help today's independent musician move their career forward and much more! Interviews about how to be a successful musician without compromising your art. It's a perfect time to take advantage of the many opportunities for Do-It-Yourself artists that are springing up everywhere. @cdbaby @kbreuner

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A one-of-its-kind online music recording studio providing a fresh approach to creating real music with the world's best musicians. Create like never before using innovative collaboration tools. Make awesome music online with a-list session musicians and singers, engineers and producers. Whether you are a songwriter, performing artist, hit song seeking producer, or a creative mind who wants to explore making music, Tunedly makes it easy for you to keep on loving what you do. facebook.com/Tunedly

WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor)
Njalsgade 19D, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
PH: +45 60607634
Jesper Skibsby js@warm.ninja
The world's first artist friendly high-scale radio airplay monitoring service. The platform and app WARM, delivers real-time information about radio airplays on 21.000 radio stations in 100 countries to the end user. Now, the DIY segment, all musicians, artists, bands, managers, small labels, agents, publishers and promoters, can get real-time insight on radio airplays on any song. facebook.com/worldairplayradiomonitor instagram.com/worldairplayradiomonitor

Equinox Sounds
Juan Sanchez juansanchez@runbox.com
Download professional royalty-free MIDI & WAV loops for Ambient, Chillout, Trance & Psy Trance music productions. facebook.com/groups/dailymusicproductiontips @MIDILoops

LANDR Canada
160 St. Viateur E., Montreal, QC H2T 1A8
support@landr.com support@landr.com
Professional audio mastering. Sound like a pro. Instant results at a fraction of the cost of studio mastering. LANDR is smart and getting smarter. Developed over 8 years of research, LANDR uses A.I. and machine learning (think self-driving cars and Shazam), to replicate the processes human engineers make when mastering a track.Try it for free. facebook.com/LANDRmusic @LANDR_music

1271 N. Clark St., Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA, 90069
support@landr.com support@landr.com
Professional audio mastering. Sound like a pro. Instant results at a fraction of the cost of studio mastering. LANDR is smart and getting smarter. Developed over 8 years of research, LANDR uses A.I. and machine learning (think self-driving cars and Shazam), to replicate the processes human engineers make when mastering a track.Try it for free. facebook.com/LANDRmusic @LANDR_music

LANDR Germany
Schonhauser Allee 99 10439 Berlin, Germany
support@landr.com support@landr.com
Professional audio mastering. Sound like a pro. Instant results at a fraction of the cost of studio mastering. LANDR is smart and getting smarter. Developed over 8 years of research, LANDR uses A.I. and machine learning (think self-driving cars and Shazam), to replicate the processes human engineers make when mastering a track.Try it for free. facebook.com/LANDRmusic @LANDR_music

39 Stoney St., The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1LX UK
PH: +44 (0)800-160-1602 (UK)
PH: 888-808-4496 (US)
Make your own band or artist App. Connect with your fans 24/7 with your own iPhone and Android app. Having your own band app can provide a lot of great benefits for you and your band. Connect with your fans any time through in-app messaging and push notifications. Keep them in the loop with updates on new music, tour dates and merchandise - all through one app. The best part? You can build a band app that perfectly fits your style without writing a single line of code. Promote new music. Engage with your fans. Sell your merch. Stream your latest tracks directly to your audience through your app. facebook.com/AppInstitute @AppInstitute

A user-friendly, feature-rich, online newsletter management program for novices and professionals alike. facebook.com/MyNewsletterBuilder1

jerome promotions

jerome promotions


2841 Hickory Valley Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421
PH: 888-987-6334
Our mission: Maintain integrity throughout WTS while delighting our customers and clients. WTSmedia is the South's leading blank media source for CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, Blu-Ray BD-Rs, professional recording media, media storage, and accessories. facebook.com/WTSmedia

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A collaboration between ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN. Our goals are to simplify the music registration process and create a common, authoritative picture of the musical works we represent. Through MusicMark, publishers can submit a single registration file to all three performing rights organizations (PROs) simultaneously, even if the work was co-written by members of different societies. Each PRO will then integrate the registration data into its respective repertory of works. MusicMark is currently available to publishers that register music through Common Works Registration or Electronic Batch Registration.

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter


Making a Living as a Musician

by Sarah Skinner, Red Dirt Skinners
© 2017 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

Note: this is a "how to make a comfortable living doing what you love" article rather than a "how to get famous" article.

When you first announce to your family and close friends that you are considering a career as a professional musician, the most likely outcome is that they will laugh and try to persuade you into a more conventional career. It's not necessarily that they think you haven't got what it takes. More likely is that they don't really understand that it may be possible unless you "get yourself spotted by Simon Cowell" or "get signed". You are going against the tide. The number of people out there actually making a full time living from music is very very small and the number of other people who are aware that it's even possible is limited to a select few. To be honest, I don't even think many of my friends and family believe I'm actually doing it and I don't have a secret stash of money hidden away somewhere, take lots of holidays and call them "tours".

Chances are, you'll also be told by people who tried it and failed that it simply can't be done. Don't listen to them. I tried pole vaulting once. I haven't concluded that it can't be done, I've simply concluded that it's not for me, and I don't have the level of interest or commitment to develop the skill set that I'd need.

People will also tell you that you'll need a back up plan. I don't know why it's not perceived as incredibly rude to say this. It's basically saying "you're pretty likely to fail at this" and "I don't believe in you". You wouldn't say it to someone who announced they wanted to be a surgeon, and to be fair, if you're a halfway decent musician, you've probably spent more time honing your skills than a qualified surgeon has theirs.

If you're someone who is passionate about music and seriously wants to make a career of it, you need to be completely devoted to the cause. You can't sit in your bedroom and hope to be discovered.

My progress to full time musician started like most; I was part time and eventually I bit the bullet. At the time, I took every single gig. I was working 3 different bands and also teaching my instruments on the side. Fast forward 7 years and my husband and I perform in our own originals band. We have 4 studio albums, we tour a lot and we're fortunate enough (due to damned hard work, not luck!!) that we are in a position that we can be very choosy about the shows we do. The band, and all it's related merchandise, royalties, tickets, etc amounts to about 80% of our household income. The rest is from teaching music to a select few students when we're not on tour. We're comfortable. We own our own home. We're not "living out of a van" and we don't eat cold baked beans for dinner (although sometimes we do, but only because we like them).

It's not luck.

It's not a case of being in the right place at the right time.

It's damned hard work.

It's learning how to do things that we need in order to progress the band; video editing, marketing, sound engineering, etc etc etc. I remember once having a young music student who said "If it can be done, that means that at some point, I'll be able to do it too". It stayed with me, and it's been the foundation of our whole "cottage industry" approach to our business.

Please...please don't believe that the only way to make it as a full time musician is to get signed/ hire a promoter/ find a manager/booking agent, etc. If you've the time on your hands and the drive to make it happen, then you ...yes YOU can make it happen.

The question is... do you want fame or do you want to make a comfortable living doing what you'd gladly do for nothing? I know of many people who pay their way by performing only at house concerts. They're not seeking fame, but those that I have spoken with are blissfully happy, financially secure, and revelling in the communities they're building.

Everyone has an idea of what a full time musician does. Most of them are wrong. The stereotype of the lazy, drug-addled musician is so far from the truth that I do have to roll my eyes rather loudly... The successful, professional, independent musician wears so many different hats that there simply isn't time for being lazy.

If your dream is to be a full time musician, stop dreaming. You CAN do it. Whether you're a solo troubadour, a member of a function band, someone who plays the nursing home circuit and teaches a little on the side. The only thing getting in your way is yourself.

I'm passionate about this. The last part time musician I spoke to in person about this went to work on the following Monday and handed in her notice. If you've read this far without thinking I'm bullsh*tting, I'm happy to help you too. Please feel free to email me, Sarah, at info@reddirtskinners.com
with any questions you may have. However, if you intend to write to me to tell me it can't be done, I urge you to try pole vaulting first.

Sarah Skinner is a full time professional musician. Together with her husband, Rob, they form the duo 'Red Dirt Skinners'. Rob and Sarah have been full time musicians, with no income other than music for the past 7 years. They perform throughout the UK, Europe and Canada. www.reddirtskinners.com

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indie contact newsletter

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link to bookingagentsdirectory.com

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mi2n - music industry news

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