January 2017

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    1. Publications, Review Websites and Music Blogs that will REVIEW your music
    2. Radio Stations, Shows and Podcasts that will PLAY your songs
    3. Labels, Vendors, Distributors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
    4. Websites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
    5. Helpful Resources for recording artists

radio airplay promotion


The Daily Country
PH: 914-329 7198
Tara editorthedailycountry@gmail.com
With TDC, I aim to promote the artists who make the music that I love - music that touches, inspires and makes you genuinely feel - through interviews, album and single reviews, premieres and press releases. In addition, I hope to provide you with information about musical happenings in and around NYC. I focus on promoting largely indie artists from the genres of Americana, Alt-Country, Country, Red Dirt, Roots and Texas Country. I also feature the occasional Indie Rock act. Please do get in touch via e-mail for interviews, album or single reviews and video/song premiere requests. @TheDailyCountry

Sister Dorothy's Music Blog
PO Box 1234, Huntingtown, MD 20639
Sister Dorothy sisterdorothysmusicblog@gmail.com
A music blog about Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Southern Rock, Folk Rock, Big Band, Gospel, Spirituals, Freedom Protest Songs, Acoustic, Cajun, Jamband, Roots Reggae and everything in between. If you feel your music fits into any of these genres or is close, please contact me ... I would love to hear it. No bad reviews on this page! Send CDs, records, tapes, etc. to my mailing address. Please send links to my e-mail address.

Indie Minded
Kelly Murphy features@indieminded.com
We feature indie artists from around the world, promoting new tracks, videos, EPs and CDs etc. We do offer reviews on the site, but those are for a fee. Indie Minded is your source for the latest in news, entertainment, music and fashion. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the indie community. We are your all-access pass to all the indie stars around the globe. facebook.com/IndieMnded @IndieMnded

Music Sight
I am a journalist, musician and traveler. I have started this blog to promote independent musicians just like me. You see, I know how hard it is get appreciation for Your music, so I gathered my fans, to support You, that is right. For this to work out, I have few twitter accounts with my fans following my music, so I decided to help You guys, at least a little bit, with your music promotion, I will pitch Your music to my fans and also to my blog readers. In this way we can help each other, build a strong music supporting community and finally gain revenue from doing what we truly love. Pop, Rock, Country and Jazz are preffered but I accept all high quality music. @musiceyereviews

A&R Factory
PH: +44(0)207-193-3766
Since 2012, We have grown into one of the most respected Artist and Repertoire (A&R) Blogs. Our readership includes independent and major labels, publishers, management companies, radio station, PR and sync companies from across the world who use our website as a resource to discover and sign acts. We are always on the look out for the next big hit so please submit your demo via our website. facebook.com/anrfactory @anrfactory

jerome promotions

jerome promotions



Simple Pleasures WSPR
PH: 734-222-1743
Leander Terry spr_records@yahoo.com
We play indie soft rock and easy listening. I love giving air play to indie artist as long as they fit our format. facebook.com/officialleander @LeanderBTerry

Radio Casbah
Michael "RadioMike" Perazzetti michael@radiocasbah.com
The dynamic music and discussion portal where music fans and independent thinkers will find a broad range of local and unsigned bands, music reviews, philosophy, and analysis. Radio Casbah is fueled by DJs, hosts and contributors with their knowledge and experience of local music, logic, and ideas brought to a platform everyone can easily access and contribute to. This will be your community on the web where you can interact with other listeners, thinkers, bands, and DJs and perhaps become a contributor yourself and help us create a better world.

A Musical Life Podcast
600 Valley Rd. Ste. B-12, Warrington, PA 18976
Hugh Sung hughsung@gmail.com
A Classical Music podcast. I'm grateful to be friends with so many talented musicians, and I'm especially thankful to be connected to folks who have found ways to bring music into their lives in unique and meaningful ways regardless of their own perceived "talent levels". Music intertwines with life - it might be the joy of learning an instrument, listening to a performance in an intimate setting, or simply enjoying a special song. I feel honored to share an appreciation of this incredible art that speaks so directly to our hearts. Are you a musician with a story to share? A music lover who wants to express what music means to you? No matter who you are or where you come from, I invite you to contribute to this show! facebook.com/amusicallifeshow

Aural Tentacle - CiTR
LL500 6133 SUB Blvd. Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
PH: 604-822-2487
DJ Pierre auraltentacles@hotmail.com
An unusual mix of melodic delights that include Trance, Spoken Word, House, Punk, Ska, Reggae, Swing, Pop, Blues, World, the new, the old, the weird and more. My show is available live and on podcast. If you are new or emerging talent I would be happy to play your music on the air. facebook.com/CiTR101.9 @CiTRradio

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music - libsyn
Terry Ferguson aka Professor T-Love abowlofsoul@gmail.com
The show is broadcasted on Libsyn, 24 hours a day 7 days a week as well as PRN.FM, iHeartRadio, Stitcher Radio, CX Radios, TuneIn and Itunes. The show presents a history of R&B music from 1949 to the present. We also play new R&B from rising independent artists. facebook.com/ABowlOfSoulAMixedStewOfSoulMusic @abowlofsoul

The Indie Authority
Lucia P. submit@theindieauthority.com
We're always looking for emerging artists to submit their songs for radio airplay! The goal of the station is to provide exposure for awesome bands who just need help finding their audience. The station is here to help local acts from across the US and even world to have their music heard and build their fan base. Our station requires all music submissions to be in MP3 format with the appropriate ID3 tags embedded. We are extremely eager to have your music a part of our rotation. facebook.com/TheIndieAuthority

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National Record Promotion
137 N. Larchmont #500, Los Angeles, CA 90004
PH: 323-658-7449
Larry Weir larry_weir@sbcglobal.net
We promote artists and groups at radio with an emphasis on independent labels and recording artists. Over the last five years NRP has worked with many major acts. NRP will assist you in weekly tracking reports...national chart activity & radio interviews. facebook.com/National.Record.Promotion

119 Bowling Ave. Nashville, TN 37205-2357
Tony Bates contact@cimgllc.com
Our Radio Promotion work focuses on relevant radio stations (terrestrial and online), especially college radio stations, in the U.S., Canada and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Our staff works daily to build relationships with radio stations, regional promoters, music/entertainment publications and websites, and media outlets throughout North America as well as in eastern and central Europe. We work mostly with Rock, Pop-Rock, Americana and Alt-Country artists. facebook.com/cimgllc

Howard Rosen Promotion
521 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #15, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
PH: 805-382-2200 FX: 805-201-7816
Since 1985 We have been helping artists reach their goals of obtaining radio airplay, expanding their fan base, and creating awareness throughout the industry. @Howiewoodpromo

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter



Global Elite Entertainment Marketing
PH: 321-307-9642
Will Clark info@globalelitemktg.com
We are full service entertainment marketing firm for Hip Hop, Soul and R&B artists. We specialize in marketing, promotions, brand development, artist development, product placement and more. Our services include management, radio campaigns (major, satellite, college,spin, secondary & internet), formats (Urban, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Dance, Rhythmic, UAC, R&B, CHR, Pop, Christian, Gospel), national charts (retail & radio), media (TV, print, web including features, blogs & interviews), micro marketing campaign, promotional tour support, web development, music business consultation, video promotions and YouTube/Facebook promotion.

Logan Miller Music Marketing
Logan Miller info@loganjessem.ca
Get your music in front of the people that matter the most - new fans. Digital marketing, venue management, tour management and artist development for both artists and music festivals. Preferred genres are Country, Pop and Indie. @loganjessem

Stef Angel Music Group
2110 Artesia Blvd. #510, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Stefaniah McGowan submissions@stefangelmusic.com
Artist management, composer management, music supervision, licensing, clearance, marketing, branding and promotions. facebook.com/stefangelmusicgroup @stefangelmusic

Dani Felt Consultants
PH: 215-917-6762
Dani Felt danifeltconsulting@gmail.com
A one-stop shop for all PR and branding services for the flourishing creative community. We infuse the art of public relations and branding strategies in order to deliver marketing and branding materials engaging with a high-level of creativity and professionalism. We find innovative solutions to provide what you need for success. We offer a spectrum of services such as public relations, social media marketing, branding strategy, photography, music videos, composing, songwriting, audio and visual production, stylists, makeup artists, music lessons, finance coaching, and so much more! facebook.com/DaniFeltConsulting

Glass Onyon PR
PO Box 18254, Asheville, NC 28814
PH: 828-350-8158
A multi-facetted publicity company specializing in the promotions of bands, labels, releases, tours and gigs. Glass Onyon PR differs from most commercial/AOR press agencies due to our expertise in the promotions of alternate genres of music including Hard, Classic and Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Avant-garde, Blues and Country. facebook.com/glassonyonpr @glassonyonpr

119 Bowling Ave. Nashville, TN 37205-2357
Tony Bates contact@cimgllc.com
We provide Social Media Marketing and Social Commerce Solutions for our clients, in addition to Artist Management and Record Label Services. We work with artists, record labels, agencies, events, and brands of all kinds that want to effectively engage their supporters and fans via social media. Considering the global marketplace and international appeal, we offer our services in several languages as well, when appropriate to meet your goals. We work mostly with Rock, Pop-Rock, Americana and Alt-Country artists. facebook.com/cimgllc

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Busted Flat Records
161 Queen St. N., Kitchener, ON N2H2H8
PH: 519-221-0884
Mark Logan bustedflatrecords@gmail.com
An independent label featuring a roster of fine Singer/Songwriters from across Canada! facebook.com/BustedFlatRecords @BustedFlat

Transcending Records
42 Pembrooke Rd. Montgomery, IL 60538
PH: 630-344-9321
Mike Ramirez mike@transcendingrecords.com
Record label and distribution service in the United States with a focus primarily on Extreme Metal, but open to all obscure Metal and Rock sub-genres as well as Dark Ambient, Shoegaze and Dream Pop. At this time we only accept physical demos with a complete presskit sent to our mailing address. facebook.com/transcendingrecords @transcendingrec

HearYou Music
PO Box 97, Troy, KS 66087
PH: 913-246-0358
Doug Cochran info.request@hearyoumusic.com
We are an independent digital music distributor. We currently work with 5 labels, as well as our own independent "labels" for those artists who do not want to affiliate with a label or who are still looking to "get signed." We work with a multitude of genres. We have several Rap/Hip Hop artists, Rock/Metal artists, Pop/Pop-Rock, Folk, Blues and Electronic Dance music. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent and feel we offer a service comparable to the big names for a much more reasonable price. Not only do we handle the digital distribution and royalty collection, we also send out press releases for each release that goes out. We also have a publishing arm, HearYou Global Publishing, that is registered with BMI so we can handle all of your publishing needs as well. facebook.com/hearyoumusic @Hearyou01

GreenHitz DJ Pool
The #1 Online DJ Record Pool - Servicing DJs with the best music promotion service for over 12 years! We cater to major & independent artists & labels. @GreenHitz


mi2n - music industry news


Nick Blake catalog@vishnustrumpet.com
The vt is a battlecry, a call-to-arms, a voice shouting in the wilderness. We're tired of being spoon-fed the same old crap: watered-down mindless programming and advertisers hungry to deluge us with endless commercials. At the vt we believe in getting artists paid. Like, really paid. Each week our members embark on a new journey with the curated album of a talented indie artist from a different genre. The music can be streamed online as well as downloaded and shared. All music is released via Creative Commons licensing, so you can enjoy the music as you like. This platform is unique because YOU are able to truly reward the artists for their great music. Our service is paying artists more than they've received from all other streaming services combined, ever! By being part of this community you are impacting the music industry and providing indie artists with a platform that allows them the ability to continue making great music. As we grow, our licensing payments grow. Which means we can start hiring artists with steady paychecks and amazing healthcare benefits to be part of a collaborative creative community. We're on a mission to build a better world for artists. Join the indie music revolution, e-mail us your video! facebook.com/VTchannel

Juke Train
PH: +44 780-434-7871
Gabriel Orentas hop-in@juketrain.com
A music channel promoting live innovative performances by artists of the most diverse backgrounds. Think of it as MTV Unplugged on rails. So far the Juke Train has hosted a number of international bands from Chile, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, USA, Sudan, Morocco, France, Spain, UK, Russia, Tuva, Faroe Islands, Germany, Georgia, Lithuania, Scotland and Japan. For us is not really important how popular a band might be, as long as you have something to say with your art, something to communicate to others, our doors are open to the possibilities this can bring. Juke Train has set the goal to provide an original way of contact between the artist and his audience and to be counted among the musical channels to broadcast original music to worldwide audiences. facebook.com/juketrain @JukeTrainWatch

A platform for musicians, bands, fans, venues, studios, gear and labels to connect. Independent artists can showcase themselves with bios, performance calendars and songs to sell. bands can connect with fans on the site and alert them to new songs they can buy and events that are added to the calendar. the uniqueness of songbox.com is that artists keep 60-80% of the profit from song sales. we feel the greater share of the profit belongs to the artists. Songbox.com was created to support the artistry of music makers because we love music and want to see independent artists thrive. facebook.com/songboxmusic

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Caramel Music
Via Copernico, 38, Milan, Italy
PH: +44 7414-692625
A worldwide community of professional musicians. The portal is based on a simple and intuitive search engine of musicians' portfolio, through which every musician has the opportunity to show his or her skills, to improve the professional identity and to be found by potential customers worldwide. facebook.com/caramelmusic

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Running your label or music career just got easier. Create a gorgeous music press kit for your release or tour so we can send it to relevant journalists by e-mail for free. Sign up is free and only takes a few minutes. You are not obligated to upgrade or pay anything and currently there is no time limit on use of the free account. facebook.com/StoryAmp

Visa For Music (VFM)
PH: +212-5288-45151
The first professional market of Africa and Middle-East musics. The project was born from a paradox : on the one hand, the lack of visibility for African and Middle-Eastern artists at an international level and, on the other hand, a very important artistic dynamism and musical creation from these musicians. facebook.com/visaformusic @visaformusic

PH: 651-757-5711
Artists, don't throw your album in the mail and then wait and wonder! Most magazines and websites of any worth get hundreds of packaged albums mailed to them every month. Haulix solves this problem. Manage your media contacts, invite them to consume your promo with just a few clicks, we even generate the invitation e-mail for you. Set your promo to be viewable as a public web page or secure it and require a login. facebook.com/HaulixOfficial @Haulix

DigitalRadioTracker.com (DRT)
PH: 646-494-3783
Your premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ radio stations. These radio stations include Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. Some of the radio broadcasting networks Although there are many genres of music, DigitalRadioTracker.com specializes in monitoring radio broadcasters in the following formats: CHR/Pop (Top 40), Rhythmic, Urban/Hip Hop/R&B, Country/Americana, Rock/Alternative, Gospel/Christian/Inspirational, Adult Contemporary and Jazz/Fusion. DigitalRadioTracker.com gathers millions of songs being played each day and compiles DRT Reports for our clients. A DRT Report breaks down exactly who is playing a song, when it's played and how often it's played. DigitalRadioTracker.com also offers Historical 8 Week Reports which list the history of airplay detections on all of our monitored stations during the last 8 week period. In addition, we provide Comprehensive Reports which shows the exact time of day/night a song is played on each of our monitored radio stations. If you have a song receiving airplay on radio and want to know when and where it's being played, get your DRT Report today!

Festival Network Online
PO Box 18839, Asheville, NC 28814
PH: 828-658-2779 FX: 828-645-3374
Julie Cochrane julie@festivalnet.com
Lists more than 10,000 events throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking performers, from local & regional to national & international. @_festivalnet

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"Secret High Paying Gigs" Free E-Book
Indie Contact Newsletter subscribers, take a look at my free blueprint called "Secret High Paying Gigs". Turn your passion for music into a high paying profession in the new music industry when you discover how to 1. Get booked on the biggest and highest paying stages that 6-FIGURE musicians don't want you to know about! 2. Rapidly grow your fan base without having to tour, self-promote, or devote any time to social media! 3. Perform for instant sold out crowds! I share my top secret that got me booked in front of 15,000 people! 4. Earn more money in ONE month in these 5 lucrative markets than you did all year with your music! 5. Free up your time and energy so you can work on what you love most...music! 6. Get paid what you are TRULY worth and make great FULL-TIME income without a manager or an agent! 7. PLUS: Reach your "Freedom Day" the day you walk out of your day job!!

Musicpreneur Academy
Tiamo De Vettori is a Music Success Coach who has spoken to over 47,000 people around the world at colleges, universities, conferences, and seminars. He has been featured on FOX, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, and was named L.A. Music Award's "Singer/Songwriter of the Year". With a passion for empowering independent music artists, Tiamo teaches musicians, singers, and songwriters about new and creative ways to make great full-time income with their music while growing their fan base. To get Tiamo's free guide ($97 value) please visit his website. facebook.com/MusicpreneurAcademy

7265 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046
PH: 323-851-9800
Mariana Angeles mangeles@Cre8MusicAcademy.com
Our courses show independent artists, producers and songwriters how they can deliver professional, competitive final products from home or project studio to effectively monetize their talents in the current market. facebook.com/Cre8MusicAcademy @Cre8MusicAcad

CD Baby Podcast
13909 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230
Kevin Breuner podcast@cdbabypodcast.com
Join CD Baby's Kevin and Chris as they discuss current music news, interview artists and industry professionals, offer tips and tricks to help today's independent musician move their career forward and much more! Interviews about how to be a successful musician without compromising your art. It's a perfect time to take advantage of the many opportunities for Do-It-Yourself artists that are springing up everywhere. @cdbaby @kbreuner

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Music Industry News Network (mi2n)
1814 Astoria Blvd. Astoria, NY 11102
PH: 718-278-0662
Submit your press releases for free. facebook.com/musicdish

A user-friendly, feature-rich, online newsletter management program for novices and professionals alike. facebook.com/MyNewsletterBuilder1

jerome promotions

jerome promotions


2841 Hickory Valley Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421
PH: 888-987-6334
Our mission: Maintain integrity throughout WTS while delighting our customers and clients. WTSmedia is the South???s leading blank media source for CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, Blu-Ray BD-Rs, professional recording media, media storage, and accessories. facebook.com/WTSmedia

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Future of Music Coalition
2217 14th St. NW, 2nd Fl. Washington, DC 20009
PH: 202-822-2051
A national nonprofit organization that works to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists flourish, are compensated fairly for their work, and where fans can find the music they want. facebook.com/Futureofmusiccoalition @future_of_music

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indie contact newsletter


10 Do's and Don'ts of Contacting a Venue Owner

by Jhoni Jackson, Club 77
© 2017 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

As you begin to book your own shows, you'll want to avoid these don'ts and adhere to these dos instead. Your relationships with talent buyers, booking agents, and venues are crucial to growing your fanbase and career - don't taint them by making mistakes from the get-go.

It's actually not as tricky as it seems. A lot of booking errors are a result of poor planning or a rushed inquiry. Be thoughtful when reaching out to whoever's in charge of the calendar. A degree of professionalism and a foundation of courtesy is your best bet at seriously being considered for gigs.

Even the established bands who've gotten in a routine of working a certain way might need a refresher, really. Check out our recommendations below.

1. Do be persistent

Follow up a week or two after first contact if you haven't heard back. Your email may have gotten lost in the mix; a subtle reminder about your request could help.

2. Don't be obnoxious

Stop succumbing to annoyingness if your inquiry doesn't receive a reply in what you believe is a timely manner. Impatience is natural, but it's certainly not a desirable trait. Emailing and messaging repeatedly days after your initial inquiry is just obnoxious (and now they're probably even less likely to answer).

3. Do your research

Contact the right person using the right method. Check the venue's website for information regarding booking. If there's no website, try the "about" section on its Facebook page. Calling and asking in person are last resorts.

4. Don't contact through social media

Don't get so blinded by the prowess of Facebook that you make your inquiry via Messenger. It's probably not a preferred method of contact. An email is probably typical protocol. Find out for sure before resorting to messaging on any social media platform.

5. Do craft a solid inquiry

Send an EPK, a bio, links to your music, proposed dates, and all the rest of the necessary info in your initial booking inquiry.

6. Don't waste anyone's time

Sending an email that includes nothing about your band besides your interest is pointless. "Hey, my band is looking to book a show, are there any dates open?" is a time-waster for the receiver and a terrible first impression.

7. Do see what else is on the calendar

Check the venue's listings before asking for a specific date.

8. Don't request a date that's unavailable

Never ask for a date with promotion already ongoing. Clearly, that date is reserved. Take a gander at the venue's social media channels or website for listings first.

9. Do be friendly with venue owners

Casually say hello to a talent buyer or venue owner in person when the situation calls for it. Use social cues to judge whether or not you should try continuing the conversation or just leave them alone.

10. Don't overstep boundaries

Whatever you do, don't ambush bookers on a busy night and bother them to check out your band and start asking about potential dates, completely ignoring the fact they are, in fact, very freaking busy. (Or maybe even just trying to enjoy themselves at a show for once.)

Jhoni Jackson is an Atlanta-bred music journalist currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she juggles owning a venue called Club 77, freelance writing and, of course, going to the beach as often as possible. This article originally appeared in the Sonicbids Blog

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indie blast promo

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

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mi2n - music industry news

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