February 2007

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Zero Magazine
12 S. 1st St. #300, San Jose, CA 95113
PH: 408-971-8510 FX: 408-971-0139
Larry Trujillo larry@zero.cc
The largest free alternative music monthly in Northern California. Now in its 15th year of production. Zero Magazine focuses on national, unsigned and local acts that appeal to the 18 to 34 year old age demographic.

Women's Rising Music
PO Box 115, Portales, NM 88130
PH: 505-714-1473
Cheryl Bruedigam journeys@womensrising.com
Website for women in music. Directory, reviews, monthly showcase, promotional assistance.

Hip-Hop Kings Entertainment
7 Arundel St., East Garforth, Leeds, LS25 2LH, West Yorks, England UK
PH: 07795270778
Ryan Maxwell r.maxwell@hip-hopkings.com
We are dedicated to supporting grassroots music, while also bringing fans the latest news, reviews and interviews from around the world.

All Access Magazine
15981 Yarnell St. #122, Rancho Cascades, CA 91342
PH: 818-833-8852
A free bi-weekly music and entertainment publication. Keeping the local music alive!

SIR Magazine
PH: 404-512-9741 FX: 678-556-9611
The only publication of this caliber that caters strictly to up-and-coming talent of all genres. We provide a totally unprecedent medium of exposure for highly talented artists and bands. With SIR Magazine there are no genre boundaries to separate artists, because we all have one thing in common ...MUSIC.

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Webcamchatters - Chatroom and Internet Radio
Sharon theteam@webcamchatters.co.uk
Sit back, chat and listen to our radio. In an unsigned band? Then why not send us your mp3 for free airplay!

Troy's Room
137 E. Anaheim St., Wilmington, CA 90744
PH: 310-308-2920
Troy Spiropoulos Troy_Spiropoulos@hotmail.com
A Rock internet radio show that airs every Thursdays at 3:30pm PST. The show features an eclectic mix of signed and unsigned bands.

Jack Kitty Radio
15 Fleming Pl. Peterborough ON K9H 3Y7
PH: 705-876-9537 FX: 705-876-9537
Tyler Adam Flear tyler.tyguyproductions@gmail.com
Host by the Canadian Trip Hop group "Sense In Common". The show is different every week so the material cannot really be defined - you'll have to listen and find out.

BreakThru Radio
954 Lexington Ave. #199, New York, NY 10021
PH: 917-463-4811 FX: 212-671-1341
Annie Russell annie.russell.btr@gmail.com
An internet radio station with a listenership of 5 million per week. We play only indie label and unsigned artists!

VQS Unsigned and Independent Music Promo Podcast
19 Ridgewalk Way, Worsbrough, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire, S70 6th, England UK
PH: 44-1226-230895
Izzie Kirk izie@voodooquotashow.co.uk
Weekly radio/podcast show playing and promoting top quality unsigned/inde music. It's FREE!

Rotterdam SoundSystems
Nico Oosterwijk info@rotterdam-soundsystems.com
We play some of the hottest & most exclusive Dance mixes for your listening pleasure submitted by DJs across the globe.

Slum Radio
3542 Fruitvale Ave. #331, Oakland, CA 94602
PH: 510-281-2718
Tunsi tunsi@comcast.net
Featuring Underground Hip Hop.

Online Folk Festival
6333 Well Fleet Dr. Columbus OH 43231
PH: 614-257-9379
Greg Grant greg@onlinefolkfestival.com
Freeform Folk and Folk related music.

Smokestack Lightnin' WUCF
200 Shell Point W., Maitland, FL 32751
Norman Thompson blues@smokestacklightnin.com
Syndicated show playing Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, Blues/Rock and Zydeco.

Interactive Slam Jam Slakrz Radio
303 Whiteside Rd. NE, Calgary, AB TLY 2Z6
Mike mike@slakrz.com
The show is designed for unsigned Canadian artists to get their music heard by a real record executive so you can get feedback on what you might or might not need to do to put the finishing touches on your music. Interested (Canadian) bands should contact us with their website, music samples, bio info etc.

Monkey Lab's Radio
PH: 800-511-6954
A free internet radio station that promotes the hottest underground artist out there!

Moozikoo Radio
PO Box 50322, Nashville, TN 37205-0322
Anthony Bates anthony@moozikoo.com
Our goal is to bring you the best music from today's independent artists. We focus on music in the Americana, Alt. Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, and Alt. Country genres.

PO Box 441234, Aurora, CO 80014-1234
PH: 303-808-8140
Ryan Smith webmaster@eoradio.com
The best free music from unsigned artists from around the globe.

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Baby G Publishing
PO Box 107, Closter, NJ 07624
PH: 201-456-0349 FX: 201-784-4477
Rachel Noelle babygmusic@gmail.com
An independent music publisher offering copyright administration, creative and licensing services, to writers, producers and publishers. Baby G?s creative team offers a variety of Creative / A&R services to a select group of clients, providing artist development, song placements, and co-writing opportunities.

Ric Elson Music Ltd.
2518 Vance
PH: 260-470-4204 FX: 260-470-4204
Derrick Ellison derrickellison@ricelsonmusicltd.com
An Indiana based promotional service offering marketing, advertising, online radio play and online sales.

PH: 212-757-1669
Jennifer Zurita Jenn@nightlife-productions.com
Has become an unstoppable one stop shop for record labels, artists and corporate clients who need our help in marketing, promoting, and driving sales of their new records, products and brands.

Solar Creations
PO Box 9691, Birmingham, B27 7ED UK
Scott Roe scott@solarcreations.net
Has promoted over 500 gigs, released several records and is now licensing music in various European countries.

Fame & Fortune Enterprises
PO Box 128046, Nashville, TN 37212
PH: 615-406-9001
Jim Cartwright / Scott Turner famefortuneent@aol.com
Offers production, artist development, publishing and promotion of your product.

Psychedelic Records
PO Box 26323, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Jeff Hartman info@psychedelicrecords.com
Record company featuring Electronic music, Psychedelic Rock, Pop, Ambient, and Electronic Film Score music.

Visions From the Roof
1032 S. Orange Grove #3, Los Angeles, CA 90019
PH: 310-433-7997
Garo garo@visionsfromtheroof.com
We specialize in Film/TV placement.

Joseph Street Records
PH: 323-478-1385
Nathan Schwam info@josephstreetrecords.com
Dedicated to exposing the world to exciting artists who deserve to be heard - not ignored.

C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution
1035 S. Semoran Blvd. Bld. #2, Ste. 1049, Winter Park, FL 32792
PH: 407-679-6900 FX: 407-679-6901
Steve Lane review.dept@cedentertainment.com
An independent music distributor for the North America and Canada. We can be the solution for any independent label seeking national or regional distribution.

Nightlife Productions Entertainment
630 9th Ave. #1200, New York, NY 10036
PH: 212-757-1669 FX: 212-757-1663
Bernadette Brennan nightlifeproductions@msn.com
Music managment company that does marketing/promotion/press/NYC bookings and event planning. We also do publishing and licensing in TV & Film.

Saquan Entertainment Inc
5845 Yonge St., PO Box 45027, Willowdale, ON M2M 4K3
PH: 905-266-9879
Courtney Silvera courtney.silvera@saquanent.com
A record label that specialize in Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop. We strive to create moments where our artists transform entertainment to a celestial plateau.


556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. #245, Pasadena, CA 91105
PH: 877-633-8764
Ryan info@versusmedia.com
Provider of publicity services and film music networking opportunities.

Last Tango Productions
29 Galley Ave. Toronto, ON M6R 1G9
PH: 416-538-1838 FX: 416-538-2633
Yvonne Valnea lasttango@rogers.com
National publicity & radio tracking. Tour support and promotions.

Chaodic Records
PO Box 332, Pottstown, PA 19464
PH: 610-960-0659
Scott Marshall chaodicrecords@comcast.net
An independent label based in PA. We are looking for new talent to sign, promote or work with.

Artistic Pursuit
16 Fiona Way, Brunswick, MD 21758
PH: 888-637-6512 FX: 301-834-7287
Samuel Alexander samuel.alexander@artisticpursuit.com
An online publishing company that accepts music content from artists, provides a professional review and pays artists selected for publication. Music content that is ranked and selected for the top 100 may be further promoted to industry experts.

Poverty Records
PO Box 1155, Port Richey, FL 34673-1155
Billy James King info@povertyrecords.com
Independent record label specializing in industry loop holes and questionable business practices.

TyGuy Productions
15 Fleming Pl. Peterborough ON K9H 3Y7
PH: 705-876-9537 FX: 705-876-9537
Tyler Adam Flear tyler.tyguyproductions@gmail.com
Offers beats, profiles, promotion, mixtapes, MP3s and online radio for indie artists worldwide.

Anima Pop Productions
C Oso 9 Bis 4?B 28012 Madrid, Spain
PH: 675415519
Victor Cobos victor.animapop@gmail.com
W develop new talents from bands with a Britpop sound & attitude. We produce albums, EP`s or demos, depending on the situation and ambition of the band. We help to find the appropriate path (label, publishing, managing & booking). We also help international bands to licence music in Spanish market.

AlchemyHouse Productions, Inc.
PO Box 202, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
PH: 937-523-0252
Tom Blessing tblessing@alchemyhouse.com
Enables mutual reliance between teams of creative, technical, and management professionals. Our innovative approach to this process joins a core team working from a central location with teams and individuals working from many diverse geographical areas. Our services are engaged in the creation of music, motion picture, broadcast and digital media. We are also heavily involved in talent management, legal and publicity/promotion.

525 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205
PH: 317-536-5637 FX: 317-536-8416
Fred support@musicianpromote.com
Internet music promotion and industry networking for independent artist, bands and record labels.

Chillfactor Productions
PH: 913-636-8100
Aaron Waters djex4@chillfactorproductions.com
Midwest promotions label specifically in the area of Electronic Dance music. Long term goal for the biz is to become a record label for the midwest DJ scene.

R&J Music Canada
PH: 604-649-6960
Julie Wilson info@randjmusic.com
The R&J crew enjoy working with many talented musicians and writers, striving to create fresh new songs and unique styles of music that will reach a wide audience and suit a variety of projects. Writing from the heart will almost always guarantee a good song and whether it touches the heart of one single person, or finds a way to reach the masses. To us, it's of equal value.

Slaughter Music Management
PO Box 225, Melvin, IL 60952
PH: 217-784-4836
Ceo/Owner: Terrell T. Slaughter mowtown78@aol.com
Artist management label. We specialize in Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock and Raggetone.

Parana Records
3542 Fruitvale Ave. #331, Oakland, CA 94602
PH: 510-281-2718
Tunsi tunsi@comcast.net
Promoting Underground Hip Hop.

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter


Digital Freakz
109 Poe Ave. Poteau, OK 74953
PH: 918-649-0429
Kerry Plummer kman@digitalfreakz.com
The perfect freakin' solution for selling your CDs and digital downloads. Build your online community of artists, labels, friends and freakz.

Oudwijkerdwarsstraat 106, 3581 LH, Utrecht, The Netherlands
PH: 0031302520222 FX: 0031302544556
Willem Bontrup willem@legaldownload.net
We make it possible for artists to sell and promote music online. Artists can sign up for free!

abop tv ... real music real arts television
PO Box 2478, New York, NY 10009
JB jb@aboptv.com
Broadcast Improvised music art and poetry online...free. I am documenting some of the hottest music in the Avant-garde, Funk, Free-Style and Hard-bop scene today! Our goal is to document and present globally, these artists that are carrying on the tradition of the improvisational innovators... Armstrong, Coltrane, Cecil, Dolphy, Miles, Cream, Hendrix ... Our mission is to free your mind!

1512 S. Oaks Dr. Nashville, TN 37211
PH: 615-469-5016
The first online service to give artists 100% of profits from their digital download sales. The site has applied this concept to all digital media types including audio, video, photos and e-books.

Artistic Pursuit
Shelton Alexander shelton.alexander@artisticpursuit.com
An online social-networking web venue for artists to display and get paid for their MP3s and videos.

Unsigned Rock Zone
Ken Hill unsignedrockzone@aol.com
Rock music community. Free web pages for bands to upload music.

PO Box 1291, Medford, OR 97501
Michael Ball metalvideo@hotmail.com
Dedicated to Heavy Metal videos. I interview bands, show their music videos and show live concerts. If you have a press kit, video or promo materials please send them to us.

World Music Office
23 rue Nollet - 75017 Paris, France
FX: 0033147703971
Classical music only ! Worldwide digital distribution and synchronization opportunities. No fees. Non exclusive agreements.

George Vanderhoof artist@myxertones.com
Independent artists can quickly and easily make their content available to mobile phones in the form of ringtones and wallpapers. All at no cost!

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Christian/Gospel Show Local TV 33
Box 3318, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636
PH: 520-803-0675
Chuck Alton chuckalton@hotmail.com
I am developing a new music TV show featuring Christian/Gospel/Inspirational music. Please send your DVDs for consideration to the above address.

Rockin' Moms
PO Box 320988, Los Gatos, CA 95032
PH: 408-410-8487
Tiffany Petrossi tiffany@rockinmoms.com
An organization that promotes and provides resources for moms in music.

Cross Harp Chronicles
PO Box 6283, Jackson, MI 49204-6283
PH: 517-569- 2615 FX: 517-569-866
Dave King dking@crossharpchronicles.com
Bringing the Blues into the 21st century! Are you growing dizzy with the rapid advances in technology? Have you ever asked yourself "How can I capitalize on this online trend to further my musical career?" We focus on these trends: streaming video, MP3 downloads, P2P file sharing, vlogging, online radio, social networking sites etc. Also offers extensive interviews with both established artists and hot up and coming independent musicians.

Rock n Roll TV
Share Ross info@rocknrolltv.net
Indie bands, if you are a Rock/Punk/Garage band and have a professionally produced video (no live videos), please drop us a line to find out how you can get it played on our show. We do not charge a fee for subscription and of course, no fees to the bands either! But inclusion is not guaranteed and is simply based on what suits the show's viewers best.

1025 Turner Ave. Shelton, WA 98584
PH: 360-868-2063 FX: 206-260-8941
Chad Hanson chad@rockbandsites.com
Lets you create a great-looking, affordable and fully updatable website in minutes.

PH: 877-544-2263 FX: 603-685-6057
Tracy Vail Tracy@banddigs.com
An interactive music web community that revolutionizes the way bands and fans communicate. Bands utilize BandDigs to video chat with their fans (large numbers of people at once) and to stream live video broadcasts from back stage at venues, their rehearsal spaces, recording studios and even clubs.

NovemberStar Entertainment
4376F Lafayette St., PO Box 918, Marianna, FL 32447
PH: 850-482-5378
George J. Little admin@novemberstar.com
We provide a searchable database of independent artists. No charge for entry in the database. We select and feature promising indie artists. Promotional info and tips as well.

FormingBands.com / FormingBands.co.uk
80 Lawrence Moorings, Herts, Sawbridgeworth, CM21 9PE UK
Aidan team@formingbands.com
We've developed this site to help you get in touch with musicians who want to play your type of music in your way at your level.

4277 N. Shasta Loop, Eugene, OR 97219
PH: 503-421-2180
Eric C Smith eric@howtoband.com
Free expert advice teaching indie bands how to make their bands great. Focused on helping bands build profits.

Go Promotions - GO-KIT
8639B 16th St. #186, Silver Spring, MD 20910
PH: 202-315-6547
Ron Torry rontorry@torron.net
E-mail marketing, press kit, internet promotions and media center all in one source.

Blacmac Productions
9 Chestnut St., Wynnum, QLD 4178 Australia
PH: 0415-843-243
Peter Blackburn peter@blacmacproductions.com
We can make good quality video clips for a budget price.

PO Box 826, Miller Place, NY 11764
Our dynamic website content management system will put even the most "technically challenged" person in complete control of their band's website.

Le Grand Fromage
PO Box L, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Michael Messina thebigcheeseac@msn.com
Atlantic City venue trying to build the local scene. If you would like to book your band at the club, send us an e-mail.

30 Compton Way, Hamilton Sq. NJ 08690
PH: 609-689-1711
Scott Clark info@cdreview.com
We manufacture our own line of CD boxes for artists to sell their music at shows or in stores.

Pick Guy
PO Box 70, Westfield, IN 46074
PH: 317-698-5141
Marty Camire pickguy@verizon.net
Offers custom printed guitar picks and personalized guitar straps. We provide quality products at affordable prices.

Superscope Technologies
1508 Batavia Ave. Geneva, IL 60134
PH: 630-232-8900
Portable dual drive CD recorder for songwriting. Record yourself directly to CD. Play along to CD accompaniment and change key, change tempo, reduce vocals and set A-B repeat loops.

PO Box 1964, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1964
PH: 801-487-7302
Lisa info@rippyfest.com
Bands compete for visitor's votes in hopes of being named RiPPYFeST's best.

Rock Star Promotions
PO Box 5867, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310
PH: 954-739-9205 FX: 801-740-6554
Aaron Schimmel servicedesk@rockstarpromos.com
Dedicated to helping everyone live like a rock star, even if you can't play a note!

Sounds Atlanta
PO Box 49266, Atlanta, GA 30359
PH: 404-329-9438 FX: 404-325-8401
Bill Tullis SoundsAtlanta@aol.com
Studio & remote recording - mastering.

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indie contact newsletter

7. Live Performance: Calming Your Nerves
by Catherine L. Tully, Indie-Music.com
? 2007 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Just about everyone experiences "nerves" before a performance. Some people have learned to ride the wave and it feels more like excitement to them. "Adrenaline junkies" thrive on it. Others feel just a pinch of jitters. But sometimes there are situations where even the most seasoned performer is just plain nervous. A larger crowd than ever can do it - but so can something like an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend in the audience. Can you learn to get past the butterflies and give it your best? You bet you can! Its all a matter of finding out what works for you.

Take a Breather
Part of being nervous is mental, but your physical self plays a role in it, too. Taking deep, belly breaths is a technique that works very well to get rid of tension. Breathing from the belly is taught in T'ai Chi and can have a profound effect on your body. Learn to feel when your body starts to get tense, and respond by taking some nice, slow breaths to counteract this feeling. The best part about this technique is that you can do it anytime and anywhere!

Distract Yourself
Focusing on whatever is making you nervous will only make it much worse. Don't keep peeking at the crowd - practice a song - with your eyes closed for added concentration. Talk with fellow band members. Call a friend and have them distract you for a few minutes. Break the cycle of thinking about it and refocus your mind elsewhere. Stewing about it will add to the problem.

Pump Yourself Up
Take an inventory of your successes instead of thinking you might fail, after all, that is where most nerves stem from. Is there someone in the audience you need to impress and you are feeling the pressure? Visualize how you are going to go out on stage and WOW them instead of worrying you might not do well. Seeing yourself do well in your mind's eye can help boost your confidence.

Develop a Routine
Routine can be comforting when you get a case of the nerves. Try to develop a set of things that you do before every performance so that you know what you will be doing each time. If you have things to do, it is less likely you will be focusing your energy on worrying about going on stage - you will be too busy preparing for it.

Blow Off Some Steam
If you are really feeling tense, do a little something physical and take the edge off. Try some jumping jacks. Run in place for a minute. Strike a yoga pose. Get rid of the tension by getting active - it works.

Walk Away
If the nerves have really got you and you have a few minutes - step outside and get a little fresh air. Sometimes the scene itself gets you all pumped up and shaky, so just walking away for a minute can help rid you of some stress. Before you go back in, take a few deep breaths. (And before you leave - make sure you can get back in!)

Listen Up
Musicians love music - why not get into some before the nerves set in? Grab your headphones, kick back and let the music take you away. Anything that you know you'll get into will work - it doesn't necessarily have to be mellow. Just be sure someone comes to get you when it's time to go on!

Do Something Simple
Play solitaire. Put on makeup in the exact same order every time. Fold PR brochures. Anything that is easy and repetitive can soothe your jitters if you do it for a while and keep a slow, steady pace.

Stretch Out
Do a basic stretching routine to relax yourself. It doesn't have to be anything complex, but if you do the same one every time, you will eventually come to associate it with unwinding. Make sure you don't push too hard though - you don't want to pull a muscle before you take to the stage!

Think Things Through
What relaxes you at other times will probably work here, too. Is there something that soothes you? Can you adapt it to your pre-performance routine? Take a look and see if you can find something that really works for you at home - or even on vacation - and apply it backstage.

You don't have to let your nerves get the best of you when you are waiting to perform. Figuring out what works may take a few tries, but if you can get a system going, you'll be a lot happier in the long run - and a lot less likely to get wrapped up in a case of the jitters!

Catherine L. Tully is a freelance writer and photographer. You can see her work at www.moonbeamdigital.com She is on-staff at Indie-Music and you can reach her at ctully@freelance-zone.com

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

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